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Administration guides in connecting all city departments, assisting in utility payments and inquiries, budgeting and purchasing of supplies and equipment. The City Administrator is responsible for reporting to the mayor, implementing City Council and Public Utilities Commission polices, and managing the daily operations of the city departments. The City Administrator and other members of the department prepare agendas and official minutes and keep the Council informed on issues that affect the City. 


Administration functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with public inquiries and concerns
  • Coordinate licensing and permits
  • Utility billing and payments
  • City Elections
  • Monthly Newsletters and Social Media communications


Angela Grafstrom; City Administrator


Phone: (507) 726-2538 ext. #5

Teri Hobart; Finance Director


Phone: (507) 726-2538 ext. #4

Utility Billing & Cemetery Specialist


Phone: (507) 726-2538 ext. #3

Sara Raisbeck; Administrative Assistant


Phone: (507) 726-2538 ext. #2

Megan Hutchens; Administrative Assistant 


Phone: (507) 726-2538 ext. #1