Sump Pump Discharge Notice


Ordinance 50.01 Discharge of Water into Sanitary Sewer System Prohibited


Sump pumps have been installed in many Lake Crystal homes to remove groundwater collected by foundation drains and thereby prevent water damage to basement walls and floors. This water is not polluted and does not require any treatment before being discharged to a waterway.

Sanitary sewers, however, collect wastes from homes, other buildings and businesses; these wastes must be treated prior to discharge to a waterway. The discharge of sump pumps to floor drains and to indoor plumbing can result in hydraulic overloads of the sanitary sewer. When sewer lines become overloaded, sewage can back up into homes and businesses. Therefore, it is against Lake Crystal City Code to discharge a sump pump to the sanitary sewer system.

We want to protect all homeowners from sewer backups. To do this we need everyone's cooperation to ensure sump pumps are not discharged to the sanitary system.


If you have any questions concerning the proper discharge of sump pumps, feel free to call City Offices at (507) 726-2538.