Energy Star Rebate Forms


CIP Rebate Announcement


2024 Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) Rebate Forms

Review the new forms below to see if you qualify for a rebate! Appliances must be "Energy Star" rated to qualify for a rebate. 

The Minnesota Department of Commerce mandates that Lake Crystal Municipal Utilities (LCMU) collect 1.5% of electric revenues to be used to run Energy Star Rebate Programs. This charge is listed on your monthly utility billing as "CIP". To receive a rebate you must be a commercial or residential electric customer of LCMU.

Below are the application forms that need to be completed in order to receive a rebate.  Each application lists the documentation that must accompany the completed rebate application form.  Please read the form carefully and fill out the application completely and return to City Hall.  Any incomplete application will be returned to the utility customer.


Commercial Customers please fill out the custom rebate form and return it to us.  Once we have the form we will contact you regarding more specific details and put together a rebate for you. 


All rebates will be applied toward the customer's utility account with LCMU.