Water & Wastewater Department


Water Department

The City of Lake Crystal provides approximately 84 million gallons of water per year to the citizens and businesses of Lake Crystal, which is an average of approximately 230,000 gallons/day.  Ground water sources provide 100% of our water from 3 wells, ranging in depth from 650 to 700 ft. and is highly regulated and tested by the City Water Department and the Minnesota Department of Health to insure no chemical or bacterial contamination.

As consumers of a natural resource, we can do our part to conserve by making sure all house plumbing is in good working order.  A 1/6 inch water leak can waste approximately 25,000 gallons/month.  The majority of leaks that we see are worn out toilet flappers, improper toilet float adjustment, or a water softener solenoid sticking open.  Consult your plumber if you suspect problems.


Wastewater Department

The City of Lake Crystal handles approximately 230,000 gallons/day of wastewater generated by the residents and businesses of Lake Crystal.  All wastewater is broken down into it's elemental forms by good bacteria at the wastewater plant.  The waste is then easily separated from the water, broken down further, then land applied as crop fertilizer.  The clean water is then disinfected before being returned back to the environment.  The City Wastewater Department is constantly monitoring and testing this process and is monitored closely by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.




Sewer Backups

What You Should Know & How You Should Protect Yourself